VyOS 1.2.0-rc9 is available for download

We are getting closer and closer to the stable release. There are still bugs for a couple more release candidates, and some features we need to get in, but generally the time of spectatular updates in the 1.2.0/crux branch is almost over—all big things will be going on in the new 1.3.0/equuleus branch soon. The new release candidate is available for download from https://downloads.vyos.io/?dir=testing/1.2.0-rc9 

Software updates

The kernel has been updated to the most recent 4.19.4 release. It includes multiple fixes in drivers, so tasks related to drivers like this one about Mellanox card causing a crash under load (T1014), or those about Intel cards (T986, T961) should be re-tested.

This kernel also removes the original SPECTRE vulnerability mitigation code that had a big performance impact.  We'd like to hear about your experience in this regard.

We have also included the Hyper-V daemons package. If you are running VyOS on a Hyper-V host, please let us know if it works well for you.

As usual, FRR has been updated to the latest master as well.


  • The "protocols bgp ... address-family ipv4-unicast redistribute ospf" works again (T1034).
  • Set-time validation rules for OSPFv3 areas does not allow decimal notation anymore, since it was never allowed by Quagga or FRR (T981).
  • PPPoE server help strings and autocompletion have been improved.
  • The ofed-scripts package (a remnant of the official Mellanox drivers) is removed from the image since we are using kernel built-in drivers now.
  • Package lists for the image build now correctly include aptitude which is needed for the grub-efi package fetching, so you should be able to build images yourself without problems again. Sorry it's been broken for a while!

Contributor subscriptions

Since the moment we've published the pre-registration form, we have received a number of LTS subscription requests from our veteran contributors, and people who have joined VyOS recently. We are still working on the subscriber portal, but we'll make sure to send everyone a notification when the 1.2.0 LTS release, and the portal are ready. When the portal is ready, contributors will be able to register directly.

If you have been or are contributing to VyOS, you can find the form here.


Originally the image was accidentally uploaded with broken wireguard package, but the issue is resolved now, thanks to Kroy who identified the issue and notified us quickly.

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Hi, How close is this version with ATT Vyatta5600 ?. We are using Vyatta5600 in IBM Cloud as a gateway.. we are forced to replace with 5400 due to end of life ... But 5600 has many bugs and we are not getting enough support from ATT.
Hi Joseph. Depends on the feature set that you use.
Hi Joseph, some things of note that are still missing are multicast routing, remote management API, and config sync. If you don't use any of them, 5400 (or 5600 with a config limited to 5400 feature set) can be replaced with VyOS, though you may need to edit the config by hand, the syntax has diverged in some places. We provide migration services if you need them. One area where manual editing is needed when migrating from 5600 to VyOS is interfaces, since the non-optional acceleration engine (which is a source of many bugs) completely changed that syntax. We do not have kernel bypass network acceleration yet, but when we get to adding it, we'll make sure to keep it optional.
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